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Happy Ever After Creative Wedding Fair

Ooops! It's been SO long since I wrote a blog, sorry ladies and gents! I've been super busy doing lots of traveling, shoots and learning more special FX makeup which has been more than a lot of fun! Myself and one of my amazing buddies (The Trinket Chest), have decided to attend the Happily Ever After Creative Wedding Fair on the 12th March in Brighton to do mini-makeovers and basically have a fun day of meeting all you lovely Bride to Be's! Hope to see some of you there and HAPPY 2017! XX


For a long time, I’ve felt like I wasn’t giving much back in terms of time and energy to causes I cared about. When you travel around for work, you don’t tend to have the time to fundraise (or I don’t anyway!) but whilst I was training to be an MUA, one of my tutors told me about an initiative that stuck in my head as something I could do, to give back a little. 

Look Good, Feel Better is an organisation which helps cancer sufferers (mostly women, but they’re non-discriminate) with monthly makeup and skincare courses as they go through treatment. When we’re having a bad day, most of us look to pamper ourselves in order to push out the negative thoughts. Whether it be getting your haircut, or just sitting on the sofa painting your nails, just little things (with my husband it’s bath bombs from Lush!) can make you feel a whole lot better. 

I went along for training in London with my wonderful friend Yasmina, who has done quite a few sessions with the charity. The group gets taken through skincare (cleanse, tone, moisturise) and then through a series of steps to apply makeup (which is all donated from different companies in a lovely goodie bag they get to take home at the end). The ultimate goal is for the people who attend to come away feeling a little bit more confident about their changing appearances (for a lot of them they have lost their hair including eyebrows and eyelashes). 

I was worried I would be pretty emotional about the whole experience having witnessed first hand with my Granny the effects of cancer. But the room was filled with light and laughter and the people attending gradually relaxed when they realised that everyone is going through similar things. It’s a brilliant thing to do, and I’ve since been to the Brighton group, and look forward to many sessions with this lovely charity. 

It’s the little things that make all the difference.


For more info:


I LOVE weird and wonderful pieces of make up, especially when they remind me of pieces of art or things from my past. The very amazing Lipstick Queen has just released their “Frog Prince” Lipstick, which although green in colour when in the beautiful packaging, turns a different shade of pink on individual lips! Apparently it adapts to your tones because of the PH of your skin, but however it works, it’s brilliant and fun and I love it :) 

The lovely ladies at Lipstick Queen towers sent me 5 different lippies to try!! I’d never used them before, but now I’m hooked - my fave one at the moment since it’s summery and I’m wearing lots of nude pinky colours, is the aptly named Saint Pinky Nude. You can either be a Saint or a Sinner, as every shade comes in either a sheer or an opaque texture - I’m obviously a saint ;) If you’re looking to try them (which I highly recommend!) then check out or any SpaceNK store. 

Enjoy! x


I had my first client at the brilliant Neon Hair Boutique a few Saturdays ago (I've been so busy I'm just getting round to writing about it now!), where I’m dropping in to do make up every now and again for their clients. Jenny was a lovely lady in her late 40s, who was going to a party in the evening and wanted to look her best! I used a base of Liz Earle foundation, with Illamasqua Hydra Veil as a primer, to give her healthy glowing skin, then used Smashbox eye shadow in a green blue colour to make her beautiful grey eyes stand out. I also used NARS eyebrow pencil to define her very light brows, framing her face and finished off with ELF creme blush. I think a good eyebrow (not the crazy drag queen instagram ones you see!!) is the perfect way to sculpt a face and make the eyes look bigger and more defined. She loved it! She felt fabulous and I was so excited I forgot to take a picture!!! I’ll definitely remember in future though! ;) 

I'm very very picky about who does my hair, but Alex at Neon is a GENIUS and he's a colour wizard (which is why, in the behind the scenes pics on this site I'm constantly changing my hair!) so if you're local to Brighton (or even just visiting) pop in and see him. Details in the friends of section.