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Hi there! I guess introductions are in order! I am launching this new site after years of travelling and working with incredible people to realise their creative dreams. I normally sort out everything from visas, hotels, hospitality, all kinds of travel (the red mustang was my favourite!) and life in general for my clients, but creating my own site and working with my incredible graphic designer to realise my logo and website, further to my dream of becoming a make up artist really has been one of the hardest and complicated things I’ve pushed myself to do in a long time! (apart from the marathon I just ran, but more about that later!!!)

I’m not used to putting my work out there, because normally, I’m helping other people put theirs on the stage or on the screen, so this is a big deal for me! I hope that for most of you, this site will be an inspiration, to try your own ideas, look out for cruelty free products and just be the most beautiful version of yourself you can be, inside and out.

Welcome! Cara xx