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I LOVE weird and wonderful pieces of make up, especially when they remind me of pieces of art or things from my past. The very amazing Lipstick Queen has just released their “Frog Prince” Lipstick, which although green in colour when in the beautiful packaging, turns a different shade of pink on individual lips! Apparently it adapts to your tones because of the PH of your skin, but however it works, it’s brilliant and fun and I love it :) 

The lovely ladies at Lipstick Queen towers sent me 5 different lippies to try!! I’d never used them before, but now I’m hooked - my fave one at the moment since it’s summery and I’m wearing lots of nude pinky colours, is the aptly named Saint Pinky Nude. You can either be a Saint or a Sinner, as every shade comes in either a sheer or an opaque texture - I’m obviously a saint ;) If you’re looking to try them (which I highly recommend!) then check out or any SpaceNK store. 

Enjoy! x