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I had my first client at the brilliant Neon Hair Boutique a few Saturdays ago (I've been so busy I'm just getting round to writing about it now!), where I’m dropping in to do make up every now and again for their clients. Jenny was a lovely lady in her late 40s, who was going to a party in the evening and wanted to look her best! I used a base of Liz Earle foundation, with Illamasqua Hydra Veil as a primer, to give her healthy glowing skin, then used Smashbox eye shadow in a green blue colour to make her beautiful grey eyes stand out. I also used NARS eyebrow pencil to define her very light brows, framing her face and finished off with ELF creme blush. I think a good eyebrow (not the crazy drag queen instagram ones you see!!) is the perfect way to sculpt a face and make the eyes look bigger and more defined. She loved it! She felt fabulous and I was so excited I forgot to take a picture!!! I’ll definitely remember in future though! ;) 

I'm very very picky about who does my hair, but Alex at Neon is a GENIUS and he's a colour wizard (which is why, in the behind the scenes pics on this site I'm constantly changing my hair!) so if you're local to Brighton (or even just visiting) pop in and see him. Details in the friends of section.